YAAS: Saudi Arabia Is Set To Launch A Green Card Like Iqama That Doesn’t Even Require A Sponsor


We’ve heard rumours of a green card like Iqama for quite a while now, but finally, now something similar to it just got approved.

According to the Arab News, the Shoura Council has approved a “green card” type residency scheme to draw international investors and entrepreneurs to the country.

The plan got approved by the council yesterday.

The new residency permit is being called the Privileged Iqama. The draft approved by the council gives some pretty insightful revelations of this new residency permit.

Holders of the Privileged Iqama will be able to hire staff, own property, get employed in the private sector, access dedicated queues during immigration and will be able to leave and enter the country at will.

That means there will be no need for an exit and re-entry visa for holders of this iqama.

Last month another type of Iqama was announced by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development called the Gold Card. This type of card was more leaning towards promoting Saudi culture and lure in international talent as part of the Quality of Life 2020 Program


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