ArabNet Is Coming Back To Riyadh Soon And There Are 4 Ways Attending Could Benefit Everyone


The annual conference, Arabnet, is making its way back to Riyadh before the year’s end, and it will run for two days. The 7th edition of the conference, which focuses on progression within the Middle East’s digital and tech sector, returns on December 12-13th- and everyone’s welcome to attend.

Well, everyone who’s willing to gain a lifetime of knowledge that would make what you learn and who you meet to add to your personal or professional development, at least.

University students, entrepreneurs and even those with startups will find this conference very rewarding. And you’ll soon learn how.

Without further ado, here are a couple of things you can expect to see and learn from at the ArabNet Riyadh 2018:

1. Other motivated students, speakers, industry-related people of success will be there

Being around like-minded people or those who seem to have achieved what you aim to one day reach is an inspired setting to be around.

Why not do yourself a favor and learn from the pros, take it all in and empower yourself so you can move forward and upwards?

Speakers at this year’s ArabNet conference in Riyadh will consist of many CEOs of major companies, such as; Careem, PayTabs, Vinelab, TrueGamer, AstroLabs and more.

There are 33 confirmed speakers lined up for the event, all of whom, can teach you a thing or two about their journey in this thing we call ‘entrepreneurship in the digital age.’

Or maybe, it’s just us that refer to it as that, but you get the drill.

2. The event doesn’t just involve sitting and listening to people talk for hours…

In fact, at this year’s two-day conference, there’s more than just listening to inspiring people talk. ArabNet Riyadh will host forums, competitions, an ‘Initiatives’ section (we’ll get into this in the next point) and an opportunity for startups to meet others in their realm or potentially investors.

There are currently already 200 startups set to participate at the TechFair this year.

You never know.

3. ArabNet’s ‘Initiatives’ for this year is to help each and every attendee out (this can apply to anyone)

Every aspiring entrepreneur with a start-up knows that one of the keys to marketing is through networking. And networking at this conference is definitely inevitable.

ArabNet has provided its prospective attendees with benefits that they can take on for years, even after the event.

For starters, there’s a ‘Women Mentoring Women’ session that will allow and engage female attendees with other women leaders in the region. Together, these women can discuss career paths and learn management skills through in-depth discussions.

Startups and SME’s will thoroughly learn from ‘The Clinic’ initiative that will basically bring you a business advisor on-the-spot. These people can help those in need of legal advice, funding tips and even software training, among others.

And that’s just two, here’s a full list of more initiatives that might be of use to you.

4. You get to pitch an idea or win the ‘Startup Battle’ competitions

If you feel like you’ve got an overflow from an idea or a startup that could be a potential success in the region, ArabNet will also allow you the chance to showcase this and perhaps WIN one of the competitions.

There’s the ‘Startup Battle’competition for those who want to showcase the best of regional startups to a very eager crown of investors, media and digital professionals and others. The ‘Ideathon’ competition, on the other hand, does the same except it’s for an idea (perhaps of a startup plan you’ve yet to initiate.)

Deadline to submit for both is on November 18.

More deets

The ArabNet 2018’s ‘Rise of the Kingdom’ conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh will take place from December 12-13th, 2018.

For registrations, you can head directly to this link and create an account. Follow the rest of the steps mentioned on the website.

Registrations are open from now until Dec 21, 2018- so you better hurry before slots fill up!


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