Opinion: Why The White House Statement Is A Major Push For The ‘Arab Nato’


The idea of having a Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA) aka Arab Nato was in principle agreed during the 2017 Riyadh Summit, which marked President Trump’s first international visit as president and saw leaders from over 50 countries in attendance.

President Trump’s recently released statement on his standing with Saudi Arabia has proved all the more need for why we need such an alliance.

Though the statement makes no mention of MESA it does highlight on Iran’s persistent attempts to destabilize the region from interfering in Iraq’s democracy to fighting a proxy war in Yemen.

The statement also mentions why an ally like Saudi Arabia is needed to curb Iran’s advances and how the mega Saudi order of $110 billion in military equipment purchases from major US Defense contractors will not only help the US but the region in general.

Meanwhile, on the sidelines of UN General Assembly, a meeting was held by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who hosted the foreign ministers of Egypt, Jordan and the GCC countries. Among the many things that were reportedly discussed progress towards the establishment of the MESA was also raised.

MESA main focus areas were reportedly identified, which included advancing prosperity, security and overall stability in the region.

MESA still has a long way to go but it needs to be put into action fast. And, the way things are right now, the GCC will have to be at the heart of MESA for it to see the light of day.

Formed on the basis of a collective self-defense, MESA could become a powerful tool not only in curbing Iran but also fighting extremism and unprovoked advances from other hostile countries.

The upcoming GCC summit in January will be a closely watched affair by the world as MESA is bound to be a major talking point in it. President Trump is also expected to attend it.


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