5 Reasons To Indulge And Dine At This Fancy Restaurant In Riyadh’s Al Faisaliah Tower


With a four-star review on TripAdvisor, and hundreds of posts on Instagram from diners- The Globe in Riyadh’s Al Faisaliah Tower is an experience to remember. Located 240 meters up, diners can bask in the stunning views of the city. 

Here are essential reasons for you to try out a lunch or dinner here, if you’re in Riyadh and haven’t already: 

1. It has a romantic vibe to it 

Perfect for celebrating an important day for you and your loved one. Great place for a wedding anniversary and whatnot. 

2. The daytime views are out-of-this world 

And the feeling of being up so high while dining is one of the most thrilling experiences. Best spot for a delightful breakfast.

3. Its menu caters to everyone 

The Globe has offers on three full-course menus that serve either Arabic dishes, modern European dishes with a French emphasis.

Bon apetit!

4. High Tea at The Globe might make you a recurrent customer 

It takes place on the weekends: Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 4pm. 

5. You get access to a proper cigar lounge

For those who want to try out from a range of Cuban cigars.


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