Lil Wayne Said He’s Never Going To Riyadh Again After Getting In Trouble With The Law And People Really Don’t Want Him Back


The past few months have seen a lot of international artists visiting Saudi Arabia as it is working on growing its tourism and entertainment sectors and- up until recently – it has been an absolute success.

However, Lil Wayne, who performed in Riyadh, this weekend, had a bit of a run-in with the law after his concert

Weezy was in Ad Diriyah for Diriyah Music Festival, along with other big names including Tyga & Future, when he was allegedly almost arrested for drug-related charges.

Saudi Arabia, famously, has a very strict no-drugs policy and nobody is written to be above this law. And when the rapper was found in possession of marijuana, there was trouble.

Although the rapper has since left the country, he was very upset about what happened – which explains the tweets that have been going viral.

Although he has since deleted the latter of the two tweets, Twitter has a lot to say

Many were pointing out to him that he should have respected the law of the country he was visiting.

While others had a LOT of memes to share

All in all, people really enjoyed the concert



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