Riyadh Winter Wonderland To Open Tomorrow And It’s Way Bigger Than Last Time


The Winter Wonderland is probably one of the most popular entertainment destinations throughout the Riyadh Season. It will debut on the 27th of this month.

Yes, we’ve had it before, but this time the authorities promise it to be much larger. According to a news statement, the space is 40 percent larger.

It will have new rides, activity zones, and a variety of shows for visitors.

Dreamland Carnival, Snow Forest, Magic Box, Horror Adventures, Wonder Road, and Winter Festival are among the six zones of Winter Wonderland.

An aerial photo of the location has lately gone viral, and it is truly breathtaking.

A user shared a photo of the place presumably shot from a nearby high-rise and it kind of looks like our very own Disneyland.

Ticket on the weekdays are SAR 55 and on weekends are SAR 110. You can buy the tickets here.


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