The 7 BEST Ice Cream Joints In Riyadh


The cold season should be a reason for you to stop having ice creams.

Plus, in winter chances are that you have all the time in the world to slowly eat your way through it. So in case you’re in search as to where to get your next ice cream fix in Riyadh then you have come to the right place. Our list covers experimental ice creams that are found nowhere else to classic Italian gelatos. Read on for some ice creamy goodness.

1. Giovanni L.

Their gelatos are love at first sight for many. While you’re here don’t forget to try their spaghetti gelato – an overdose of happiness for those with a sweet tooth.

2. Cioccolat Italiani

The buck stops here for chocolate lovers as this place has taken chocolate ice creams a notch up. Those toppings are so instagrammable that you are bound to set an all-time high of likes on any of your posts with photos of Cioccolat Italiani’s ice creams.

3. Menchie’s

Dietary restrictions can’t hold you back from having Menchie’s offerings as the Californian fro-yo joint offers non-fat, gluten-free and even non-dairy options. The fro-yo is a bit pricey but the taste will probably want to skip your dinner meal for this in case you are running on a tight budget.

4. Amorino Gelato

Just wow. This is the place you’ve got to head to the next time you need to get your frozen fix. You can keep on adding flavors upon flavors until you manage to create your very own favorite concoction.

5. Bodat Bagdash

Though not the hippest of places in town, for those who have never tried Arabian ice creams before, this place can be a good start. Their pistachios festooned ice cream is one ice cream lovers would surely regret missing out on.

6. Xscoop

Delectable and instagrammable, charcoal ice cream is the latest fad in town and Xscoop has one of the best them. They serve it in a black cone giving it an even more distinctive look.

7. Godiva

On cheat days, these decadent chocolate ice creams are just what you deserve after a painfully long period of staying away from sweety goodness.


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