6 Easy Steps To Add To Your Daily Skincare Routine For Clear Skin


Taking makeup off is one thing, adding in toner and moisturiser is another- but if you’re one of those people who have been wondering why you can’t seem to have silky, smooth skin.

You are not alone.

Sometimes we might not realise that the routine (or lack thereof) that we have now may be too abrasive on our skin, or we might lack other things we didn’t otherwise notice prior.

But here are KEY steps to take which will ensure your skin stays glowing all year round.

1. If you wear makeup, make sure to take it off completely

Face wipes and even the use of a fantastic face wash STILL won’t guarantee that your make up will fully come off.

PRO TIP: Loads of beauty gurus, celebrities and avid skincare freaks have been raving about a Swedish device that they swear has changed their skin’s condition.

Don’t be fooled by the looks of this device, it may look cute, but it’s also a game changer!

LUNA 2 by FOREO doesn’t just deeply cleanse your skin from all makeup leftovers; its intricate features allow for products to be absorbed by your skin- without being too harsh. Aside from that, the anti-ageing side of LUNA 2 by FOREO means your face gets the daily massage it needs- so that it doesn’t drag down.

The cleansing side can be used with any face wash to deeply and yet gently cleanse your skin, in addition to the anti-ageing side which can be used with a serum or cream for better absorption and relaxing massage.

It’s your all-rounder new hero.

2. Use the correct face wash

It’s easy to grab the first thing you see at the supermarket and say ‘Oh, there we go!’ But you’ll soon realise just why this might not be beneficial for your skin.

Remember, there’s dry, sensitive, combination, oily and normal skin types.

Different ingredients mean different results for certain skin types and what might work for some won’t for others.

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3. Face oils = magic

Adding a face oil to your nighttime routine will almost feel like you’re repairing your skin every night.

Drops of Vitamin C is a favourite among people- since its properties even out skin tone and revive that youthful glow. Meanwhile, tea tree oil is slowly but surely coming to prominence for helping with breakouts (although be careful not to use too much of this.)

Sephora also carries different face oils for different skin types- that will help seal in all the goodness that your moisturiser provides.


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4. Just like your body, your face needs stretching too

Vocalise the alphabetical vowels in the most exaggerated way possible- and notice how different your face will feel.

Stretching your facial muscles= circulation improved= a livelier look.

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5. Water

Hydration plays a very important role in the way our skin looks, so drink your 8 glasses of water a day!

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6. And last but not least, never leave the house without your new best friend

Person reading this article, meet SPF, your new bestie.

It doesn’t matter whether you like to get a tan or not; summer means the sun is ALL skin’s worst enemy. Its UV rays are so harmful to the skin that you probs won’t even realise most of the cracks and wrinkles were caused.

So our honest advice is to apply sunscreen to your face (at the very least) 20-30 minutes before you head out. If you decide to go swimming during the summer, make sure you keep re-applying (since it’ll get washed off.)

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