A Fun Collaborative Office Space In Riyadh Is A Community All On Its Own


Picture an office, that is also a place where you don’t stop learning ALL at the same time.

AstroLabs, an already established co-working space in Dubai, is more of a community than an office space for freelancers, start-ups and entrepreneurs. And this level of the community has translated all the way to Riyadh, where AstroLabs KSA set up two years ago.

Let’s put it this way: imagine a space where you no longer have to pay the traditional expensive office rent, and be able to grow your startup in an encouraging environment (with other existing startups and experts!), the technologies necessary, space and rooms designed to enhance the overall experience of establishing a business. The best part about that space is that it allows you to network and expand your outreach while learning as you go (thanks to the useful workshops and seminars) and so many other perks.

Lovin Saudi itself is perched right at the home of AstroLabs KSA, and we couldn’t be happier.


This incredible co-working space is also a learning academy for digital technology companies

It’s 2019, and it’s all about tech.

Statistically speaking, 1 million new people join the internet each day, which goes to show the market that digital tech is growing towards and trying to hone. AstroLabs understands the need to cultivate this market, and learn ways in, out and around it- and it does so by providing space where different types of startups can engage with each other, through the process of innovation.

Being a member of AstroLabs Riyadh gives perks to business-owners that’s just not as available elsewhere. It’s also the cosiest (and spacious) space for entrepreneurs, small businesses, tech geeks and those who want to work after hours.

You want it, you got it.


Co-work spaces in Riyadh have never looked so cool ?

….and AstroLabs Riyadh digital and tech meetup network has around 4000 people that are part of it! Another benefit to being an AstroLabs member is that it gives exclusive access to IBM developer benefits. WOW!


Be inspired, motivated and educated AND surrounded by like-minded individuals

With the tagline “Make It Happen,” as its official slogan- it does more than just help make things happen. Dreams turn into realities, and that’s the kind of environment all start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs need in the most vital time- the beginning stages, the first two-three years.

To anyone who wishes to set up a new venture, open an international office, this is the spot.


Become a member today, register here.

AstroLabs Riyadh is unlike any other co-working space, it’s a community, a learning space and to some- a second home.

AND since it’s Riyadh season atm, there’s a 15% discount on MONTHLY memberships, so HURRY and join by clicking on the link above.


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