Everything You Need To Know About SoCycle And Why People Are OBSESSED With It


Thanks to Hollywood celebs and recent movies, the indoor-cycling trend, has become an absolute global phenomenon.

It seems there’s no stopping this latest workout trend from earning the love of cardio-seeking gym-goers, and we ain’t complaining either.

But behold- Saudi has introduced its very own version of the indoor-cycling workout, introducing SoCycle. This modern and super funky indoor-cycling studio has just opened at the Rubeen Plaza and it’s already ALL the hype among women in the city.

Why’s that you ask? Well let’s find out.

SoCycle’s classes are a 45-minute sweat session that won’t actually have you JUST sitting on the stool

Instead, people are encouraged to pedal along to the beat of the music while wearing proper cycling shoes, so the rider’s feet are clipped to the bike and spin dancing to the music.

So no matter the speed of the instructors, bikers are carefully strapped on, needing not worry about falling off the bike.

You can lose up to 500-700 (minimum) calories from a single session!

Sounds crazy, right?

It’s true though, in fact, the session is combined with tap-backs, peddling your legs and listening to the trainer’s super uplifting affirmations that is good at boosting your heart rate.

The trainer’s power mantras are what will make you keep coming back- every single time!

Imagine a dark room, with loud music (often Hip-Hop, R&B or something that really gets your body revved), and an indoor-cycle with a system that analyses your progress, tracking every breath and peddling, along with the calories burned from dancing and the trainer telling a room-full of people that ‘they can do this’.

No greater feeling, we reckon, than a reaffirmation from something your’e doing, to clear yourself of stress and anxiety.

It can benefit the rider in more ways than the fitness aspect

Since SoCycle’s classes also include having to peddle, stand up on the bike and use other parts of your body, in turn, you get a full body workout. Other than that, cardio is essentially a mood booster because within a few minutes the activity will have you sweating like crazy.

Sweat means happy endorphins and that equals to a huge reduction of anxiety.

The best part about SoCycle’s classes is that you get a performance analysis through an interactive app that can literally track your performance and send you a detailed email after the class is done.

SoCycle is the latest and funkiest ride in Riyadh- so join the bandwagon and experience it for yourself

I mean, what do you have to lose?

SoCycle requires no membership or any of those long, boring commitments people are forced to sign into when joining a new gym. Instead, you pay per ride, whenever you ride.

Plus, the cost of these classes are extremely affordable.

Ladies, you’re in luck cus SoCycle has just opened up in Riyadh and you can try your first class for FREE- here’s how:

Wanna try out your first class completely FREE of charge? All you gotta do is download the ‘SoCycle’ app on the AppStore and sign up for your class.

Et voila!

For more information on SoCycle, please contact: 011 475 2170 or visit http://socycle.me/

Check them out on Instagram too where you can join in on the girl love and support from other riders in the city.


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