2 Stunning Saudi Destinations Everyone Needs To Visit At Least Once

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Cities, mountains, coastlines, jaw-dropping desert landscape… What’s your holiday vibe this summer?

We’re not short of places to vacation in Saudi, but if you’re looking for some hidden gem inspo, you’ve landed on the right page!

The summer heat has landed, but some parts of Saudi are fortunate to maintain cooler climes… We see you Aseer, Baha and Tabuk! So this summer, FORGET the flight and look inwards. There are some destinations you may not have thought of providing unforgettable vacations, right on your doorstep.

Get packing! Sana Tourism is ready and waiting to hear your requests and plan the most memorable vacation!

Here are 2 Saudi spots that need to be on your hitlist

Abha’s mild climate makes it an ideal summer destination

Situated 2,270m above sea-level, the mountainous Abha region is lush and so green you won’t even believe it!

The city itself has four quarters including the hilltop fortresses for which the city is probably most famous. There’s a museum with handicrafts, the Abha Great Mosque, the Abha Palace Hotel, and a fun park for the little ones!

Nature lovers, don’t skip a visit to the incredible Asir National Park, covering nearly 6,500km in distance, it extends from the Red Sea to the mountains and water and land area.

Learn more about the culture-rich capital of the Asir region right here.

Explore Al Wajh, a Red Sea coastal town

50,000 people are lucky to call this coastal town ‘home’, and YOU could be one of the lucky visitors this summer.

It’s one of the largest cities in Tabuk, it’s well connected by Al Wajh Airport, and is popular with locals thanks to its very pretty beaches. Wander through Al Wajh’s old town, Al Balad, it’s an abandoned part of the city with distinct Hijazi homes, recognisable by bright and colorful balconies. Explore the white sandy beachs, stroll through Al Wajh Corniche Park, take a boat tour on the Al Wajh lagoon or take a swim at Al Hashrah Beach. So many great options.

There is NO reason to fly this summer, when you have this beautiful coastal city to explore.

The Saudi coastline is 3,800 kilometers in total, with plenty of areas to cool off this summer!

Saudis’ natural landscape needs more of your attention!

It’s a dramatic landscape of mountains, deserts, rivers and coastal regionas. The unmatched beauty of Saudi knows NO BOUNDS! And this summer is your chance to tick to the most unique parts off your travel bucketlist.

Get packing! Sana Tourism is ready and waiting to hear your requests and plan the most unforgettable vacation!


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