The Answer To The Ultimate Holiday Escape Is A Local Island


sland vacations are the best vacations, no questions about that. And that no longer means having to figure out the logistics of flying halfway across the world. Just a few kilometers off Jizan is a holiday destination that is one-of-a-kind!

Think; dozens of small islands, pristine turquoise beaches, crystal clear water, and the best hospitality possible

Farasan Island is the largest of a cluster of small islands  (also known as an archipelago) that are collectively also known as the Farasan Islands and is definitely one of the ultimate hidden gems of Saudi Arabia.

The islands were converted into a marine sanctuary in 1996 and are home to 230+ species of fish, a few dolphins, dugongs, turtles, and more.

Since only three of the islands are habited by people, the others are popular amongst a variety of birds that include falcons, white-eyed gulls, flamingos, ospreys, and so many more.

That’s not all – there is also a mangrove forest amongst the islands

Mangroves have become a major symbol for environmental activism across the world as their deforestation persists. Mangroves are especially important because they are the first line of defense for coastal communities from increased storm surge, flooding, and hurricanes.

And an entire Mangrove Forest exists on the islands!

The islands are just around 50km from Jizan and the journey is as exciting as the destination

Currently, there are two ways to access the islands. One is through a public ferry that is free to use and departs twice a day (but people are expected to get there at least an hour earlier due to the time needed for registration and security checks – think very much like an airport). Ferries can carry between 30-40 cars and around 800 people!

And the other is through the traditional ‘flookas’, a traditional boat that can carry around 12 people and takes an hour to reach the island. These cost SAR 50 per person.

And to plan the perfect vacation at the islands, Sana Tourism is the way to go

The travel guide is the go-to expert on the islands and can plan a trip that will allow the vacation-goer to truly relax and enjoy the islands, the commute, and the sights in all their glory.


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