The Dream Vacation Get-Away Is Possible And It’s In Aseer


Saudi Arabia’s highest peaks, dense forests, exposed ridges, and acres of farms happen to all be found in one region of the Kingdom and it is the place that is quickly climbing up as the go-to vacation spot for everyone.

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Aseer, located in the southwest, and named after a tribe of Aseer is a dream vacation that is so close to home

Aseer receives more rainfall than the rest of the country – which is why it also has more natural vegetation (and even forests!) than most other parts of the Kingdom.

The Aseer National Park is the first national park in Saudi Arabia with an area of around 1,600 square kilometers and is home to over 300 species of birds.


And it is PERFECT in the summer

That’s not all though, Aseer is also home to a lot of farms and they make for a perfectly quiet escape.


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The region is also rich in history

The village of Rejal Alma’a, for instance is one of the most important heritage sites in the Kingdom and is found in an isolated valley between the Sarawat Mountains in Aseer.

Because of its hidden location, the village against raids and invasions, the people of Rejal Alma’a have managed to keep their traditions and heritage alive.

There is now even a museum celebrating the village’s rich art and culture and it is a must-visit

And the best part is, Aseer is very close to Jazan – another important tourism destination – so it is very possible to plan a vacation that covers BOTH places

And Sana Tourism, one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest tourism agencies, is the only right way to plan this dream vacation. They will cater to every need and help plan out a vacation that is just perfect for the traveler.


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