5 Sure-Fire Ways For Saudi Runners To Up Their Running Game​


Whether you’re running for leisure or taking on adventures on the daily or racing- chances are, you haven’t been able to find the RIGHT pair of shoes to accommodate the challenges that come with running.

It’s true what they say about a runner’s high, and that top is even happier when the type of shoes you wear don’t put you at risk of injury, being swollen or not having enough leverage to surpass a pavement.

But the master of all footwear, adidas, has just come up with a solution.

Behold, the beautiful, sturdy and the ULTIMATE solution to every runner’s problems- the PulseBoost HD.

This is how you UP your running game and never look back.

Get yourself shoes that provide the ultimate comfort

adidas PulseBoost HD has a cushioning that will sustain that running energy while ensuring your feet don’t feel encapsulated in a time-warp. For lack of a better description.

Surround yourself with positive energy and a shoe that listens

A shoe that’ll respond to your physical needs- at the time that you require the most. The PulseBoost HD is like a best friend, always there for you, and responsive to whatever pain or discomfort you could be undergoing.

It’s for the walker, the explorer of countries, the mountain runner, the hiker and the competitive champ taking on the streets.

Step your game up by being more outdoorsy

Running isn’t just a sport now, it’s a movement and by dressing for it- you treat it as so.

Get off the couch, step out the house and experience a whole other world of wonder- even 34567890-9876 steps in. Being outdoors means dealing with different terrains, slopes, slides, uphills and downhill battles, the solution?

The right shoes that give you TRACTION, without compromising your performance.

The multi-tasker shouldn’t just be YOU

Shoes can multi-task too, and this is evident in the way that adidas’ new kicks are designed.

Wear them out to a club, a morning run in Pokhara, Nepal or on the treadmill AND hit the goals you always wanted- without needing to ice your feet for them to heal.

In short, if the PulseBoost HD were bae- it’d be the best bae since it fills in ALL the things a runner looks for in shoes: responsiveness, adaptability, traction and stability.

PLUS, did you know that there’s a QR code that comes with the shoes that will unlock a Spotify playlist. It will best accompany all those morning runs.


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