Here Are 5 Fun Activities To Keep You Busy This Weekend In The Capital

Hera Shabbir

Weekend planning can get hectic after a long week of work, so here’s a list perfect for you to set your weekend schedule right

Riyadh honestly always has a lot going on from a new restaurant opening, to a random concert, to even just good vibes and food at Riyadh City Boulevard. This weekend will definitely be promising as the city has an awesome concert lined up for you and the squad, some amazing dining options for the late-night cravings, and even the perfect spot for a calm game night with friends. Check out the list below to see which of these activities suit your weekend mood, and get to it!


1. Enjoy a lit concert featuring the Black Eyed Peas and DJ Snake


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With Gamers8 going on, A-list artist have already made their debut including Russ, Alan Walker, Nancy Ajram, Marshmello and many more. This Thursday, get ready to welcome your favorite DJ, DJ Snake along with jamming out to throwbacks by the Black Eyed Peas. The Engineers and Jazzy Spa Sounds will also be making their debut in the show. Grab your tickets here!

2. Call your friends for a night of boardgames at Mauhoob Café

Looking for a good place to eat but also a fun activity? Then grab the squad and head over to this awesome cafe where you can enjoy some yummy delights while you let out your competitive side!

3. Create your own game at the Gamers8 Exhibition


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This one’s for the gamers. Gamers8 is coming to an end next week, and is hosting an exhibition on how video games are made. Fun part is, you can actually make your very own level. Totally something to flex to some friends.

4. Take the kids to see Disney On Ice


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All your Disney favorites are coming tomorrow for an official ‘Disney On Ice’ in Riyadh Boulevard City! The show is set to run until September 21, and tickets are selling out fast. Grab the kids, or even rally up the squad for the cutest childhood memories. Grab your tickets here!

5. Dine with class at Feluka


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Feeling seafood night? Then head on over to this new spot that just opened doors to the capital and TOTALLY makes you feel like your dining underwater. The ambiance is amazing and definitely sets the vibe of a deep blue sea. Not to mention, their menu selection is absolutely mouth watering!


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