These 6 Restaurants Should Definitely Be Ronaldo’s Top Picks For Fine-Dining In Riyadh

Hera Shabbir

It’s been the talk of the week as Ronaldo signed off his deal to play with Riyadh football team, Al Nassr. This has Saudi football fans going crazy, as their eagerly excited to welcome the star player to their home-country.

Riyadh has quite the unique selection of fine dining fit for the superstar and here’s a list of perfect restaurants Ronaldo definitely needs to try ASAP

Although Riyadh also has a bunch of local favorite shawarma, manakeesh, and kabsa spots, this list is definitely more towards the fancier sides of Riyadh. Saudi’s definitely know how to fine-dine and these 6 places in Riyadh are a few of many must-visits.

6. Billionaire Riyadh

This fancy spot is definitely Riyadh’s top place to dine in style. Billionaire offers the finest Italian and Asian dishes accompanied by some awesome music and drinks 🙌. DJ Khaled even visited this spot during his trip to Riyadh, and was totally OBSESSED with the fresh ingredients and menu selection. Don’t be shocked if you find Ronaldo here on a Friday night, because Billionaire is all things classy.

5. LPM Riyadh

This famous spot has the most vibrant and delicious menu to satisfy all your fine-dining needs. LPM is a super sophisticated place that is inspired by the French Riviera! Ronaldo will actually get to feel like Europe was brought right to him in this spot 🙌. The restaurant offers mouth-watering dishes like their gnocchi, burrata, beef carpaccio and even some escargots!


4. Meraki


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This fancy joint is located in Al Faisaliyah tower, which is one of the capital’s most famous heights 🙌. Ronaldo will get to enjoy some delicious Greek food, accompanied by the most authentic-european ambiance. They have some amazing spreads of lamb cutlets, prawns, sushi, and even some insta-worthy desserts! The player will definitely have his camera out for this one!

3. Cipriani


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This place is perfect for when Ronaldo’s feeling an Italian night out. The stunning interiors, delicious menu, and welcoming ambiance creates the perfect place to fine-dine with the fam. Their Venetian dishes feature some exquisite items everyone loves including Pizza,Pasta, briskets, and even some mashed potatoes. If you want to witness the simple things become fancy, Cipriani is definitely a top pick.


You can totally picture Ronaldo’s partner, Georgina, enjoying a delicious afternoon tea at this spot 🙌. Mamo Michelangelo is a top pick for a glamorous experience of French cuisine. Inspired by the European art and architecture, this place has a stunning ambience that has elegantly brought Italy right to Riyadh! Ronaldo will get to munch on a bruschetta with some stunning views!



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It’s definitely all about views at this new spot that just opened a few weeks ago in Riyadh! Located right at the top of Al Majdoul Tower, CLAP has views for days 😍. If Ronaldo wants the full-view of the city he’ll be living in, then CLAP is definitely the place to be.


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