These 7 Pictures Of Saudi Arabia Will Make You Do A Double Take

Hera Shabbir

Saudi is known for its vast beauty that stretches over all the different regions in the Kingdom. From the mountains of Abha, the valleys of Tabuk, all the way to the cold desert of the Empty Quarter, Saudi has quite the diversity when it comes to beauty. The country also has some rich history dating back to over 100 years ago. These 7 pictures are a few of many that will definitely have you looking again 👀

7. This picture of the Holy Kaaba shows how empty the Holy Mosque was back in the day 😱

6. This picture is of immigration officers checking people’s passports upon arrival 👀

5. Saudi is blooming in green here 🍃

Whoever thought Saudi was all desert can clearly be proven wrong by this pic. The Faifa Mountains are actually one of the most Lucious attractions in the Kingdom.

4. Here’s the snowier side of Saudi Arabia

3. This is Riyadh 100 years apart…

2. This pic shows Jeddah just a year apart 😱

1. Look at how Makkah is glowing from up above ⭐️

This place is known to be one of the most holiest places in the WORLD, and it looks so beautiful glowing from up above.


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