Fog And Winds Are Expected To Take Over Riyadh And Other Parts Of The Kingdom This Week


Before you plan that corniche trip for tomorrow afternoon, it’s best to update yourself on how the weather will play out this week.

According to the Kingdom’s General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection, this is one of those weeks where the Kingdom’s different regions will see a range of weather changes: from fog, wind, to rain and thunderstorms.

So better safe than sorry, eh?

Image Credits: Twitter/ @spagov

This week will see winds, fogging and even some rain and thunderstorm across the Kingdom

If you live in Riyadh, Qassim, Qurryat, Turaif and other parts in the East- expect to see experience some fogging. Beware while driving or crossing streets.

On another note, moderate to heavy winds are expected to occur in the Eastern parts too, such as: Hail, Qassim and Al-Jouf.

The northeastern parts of the Kingdom could bare witness to the return of the rain and thunderstorms too, as well as in Qassim and Riyadh.

Keep all that in mind, our fellow desert wanderers


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