It’s Raining, It’s Pouring: Meteorology Reports That Recent Weather Will Remain In Parts Of The Kingdom Until Sunday


Rain, rain go away? Or rain rain, we’re happy to play?

Whatever your stance is on the recent weather that’s been going around, it seems we all better get used to it, until Sunday that is.

According to The General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection from its most recent report on Wednesday that the weather will continue from Thursday until the coming Sunday.

(Image Credits: Twitter @spagov)

Heavy to moderate rain along with thunder, sandstorm and snowfall will continue in different regions

Yep, bet we all want to live in Taif at this time (for the snow.)

The meteorology department says that the heavy to moderate rain, accompanied by thunder, sandstorm and snowfall will occur from today )Thursday until Saturday ins everal regions, such as: Madinah, Khaibar, Yanbu, Makkah and Taif.

Moderate rain will continue on the coastal regions

So anywhere closer to the water, like Jeddah will experience continued rains until Sunday. Other areas under this category include Rabigh, Allaith and Qunfuda.

The authority have also forecasted that heavy to moderate rains will pour down on Tabuk, Taima Al-Wajh, Al-Baha, Baljurashi and Al-Jouf until Saturday.

The areas of Qassim, Riyadh, Eastern Province, Northern Border Region, Asir, Hail and Jazan will experience heavy to moderate rain from Thursday till Sunday.

Although the rain may be a little exciting for some of us here, it’s been quite dangerous in other areas of the Kingdom

Arab News reported just yesterday (Wednesday) that fourteen people have been killed due to the severity of the weather in several areas. Officials even say that this has been one of the most ‘extreme weather conditions’ in Saudi in decades.

On that note, The Civil Defense has asked citizens and residents to take precautions and not go near wadis or flooded areas, which are likely to experience flash flood in heavy rains.


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