Weather Alert: Thunderstorms Forecasted To Sweep Across Saudi Arabia

Hera Shabbir

The forecast is bringing you a cooler and rainier Ramadan this week and it’s happening in a bunch of different cities around the Kingdom. Starting with Riyadh, going all the way to the Eastern Province and Madinah, rain clouds are expected to hover over the Kingdom over the next few days bringing rain and thunderstorms.

Light-to-moderate rain and Thunderstorms are expected in parts of the Riyadh region

Riyadh is expected to witness light to moderate rainfall in areas like Diriyah, Zulfi, Al-Muzahmiyah, Al-Hareeq, Al-Kharj, and many more! Areas in the Eastern Province like Al Jawf will also experience similar weather conditions until Sunday march 17, 2024.

Madinah and Jizan will experience torrential rain!

Areas more towards the north of the Kingdom are expected to experience heavy rainfall causing torrents across the areas. Civil Defense Authorities have warn residents to remain indoors and avoid all areas that could be potentially flooded during the heavy downpour. Areas like Asir, Qassim, Madinah, and Hail are susceptible to these weather conditions.


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