Here’s How Everyone’s Celebrating Saudi’s Spectacular Victory Yesterday

Hera Shabbir

It was Saudi’s first match of the World Cup season against Argentina yesterday afternoon, and the greens absolutely SHOCKED the masses.

Saudi’s green falcons took the win yesterday, stunning the whole football world with their 2-1 takeover on Argentina

A bunch of memes, videos, pictures, and hilarious edits have taken over social media. Saudis have swarmed the internet to showcase their pride and celebration of this spontaneous win.

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman enjoyed his match experience with family ♥️

Turki Al Sheikh is loving this awesome edit 😂

Princes Reema bint Bandar Al Saud gave a warm congratulations 👏

The streets of Saudi turned totally green last night 🇸🇦

King Salman announced a national holiday to celebrate Saudi’s win 🔥

People have been posting hilarious memes all over the internet

Where is Messi? 😂



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