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Al Hilal Saudi Club Puts A Shocking Statement On The AFC After Many Of Its Players Tested Positive For COVID-19

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Al Hilal Saudi Club puts out their first statement last night on what’s been happening the past two days in regards to their negotiations with the Asian Football Confederation, and that’s after the club has revealed that more than 30 player of their have tested positive for COIVD-19 and requested the postponement of their matches that was scheduled against Shabab Al Ahli Dubai, which was set to be played yesterday at 9pm in the AFC Champions League.

The team announced earlier yesterday that their request has been rejected by the AFC

Despite all of that the team didn’t give up and arrived yesterday to the venue of the match at the scheduled time to play the match with less than the required number of players due to the situation that the team was facing.

Al Hilal team arriving at Khalifa Stadium yesterday

But then the match was cancelled by the match commissioner…

Al Hilal Board of Directors took it in their own hands to clarify the situation from their end

The board of directors has also clarified that they sought to work on a number of methods that preserve Al-Hilal’s right to compete without any disorder to the tournament, and the most prominent of them as follows:

  1. requesting the post postponement of Al-Hilal’s matches for one day to take more time; in order to give the opportunity to the infected players to recover.
  2. requesting the postponement of the knockout stages to be played at a later date; in light of the outbreak of COVID-19 t the level of the whole tournament, not just “Al-Hilal”
  3. Arriving at the match venue to play against ” Shabab AlAhli Dubai” in the group stage; despite having less than the legal number of players, even if the team considered to be losing the match; without excluding the team from the whole tournament.

but all these request were rejected by the Asian Football Confederation.

The Board of Directors expressed surprise at what was stated in the “AFC” statement, which included that they maintained communication channels with the club and dealt in a timely manner with its requests and concerns, while they haven’t ever responded to the club’s requests to postpone the previous match against the Iranian team “Shahr Khodro” ,and did not fulfill the club’s early demands to change the delegation’s residence as poorly ventilated space; in order to reduce the risk of the infection

After that the Board of directors of AL Hilal Club ended their statement with a positive note expressing their pride on how the team handled the situation responsibly ever since the first case of player testing positive for COVID-19 and then thanked the club’s loyal fans that showed endless support and love for the team.

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