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Here’s A List Of The 8 AMAZING Countries You Can Enter With Visa-On-Arrival As An Iqama or GCC Holder

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Luckily for us who have the opportunity to live in Saudi Arabia, we have the chance to a higher income with a low cost of living. This means, an occasional weekend trip shouldn’t be much of a bank breaker. 

Well, Life In Saudi Arabia published an article that tells us the 8 countries where ANYONE with an Iqama permit or a valid GCC residency permit can visit: 

(P.S. Some of these are visa-on-arrival or completely visa-free)

1. Bahrain

This island is a bare 2-hour drive from Khobar and welcomes Saudi nationals and expats with open arms. As one of the friendliest countries in the world, good food, great vibes and plenty activities are provided to its visitors.

King Fahd Causeway can get you an easy visa-on-arrival or you can simply get the visa from their airport. It’s best to check requirements necessary online before booking, however.

2. Georgia 

This beautiful country is home to the best sunsets, nature and environment. Your Instagram account won’t look basic after visiting this magical place. 

Even better? It’s visa-free.

Just have a look through the requirements prior to your travel.

3. Tunisia

This North African country is a great place for the summer. With stunning resorts, endless views and that blend of Arab and French language. 

What are you waiting for?

Oh and it’s completely visa-free.

4. United Arab Emirates

The Burj Khalifa, Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Ras Al Khaimah’s beachside hotels. UAE is a dream destination for most, and although this country doesn’t offer visa-on-arrival as simply as the others… It’s still a pretty simple process to obtain the E-Visa.

5. Jordan

aka Queen Rania’s home.. 

Its proximity to a certain part of Saudi is one big reason to visit this gorgeous country. They offer an easy visa-on-arrival for Iqama and GCC residence permit holders. 

6. Armenia 

Kim Kardashian’s roots are well- defined through this country. Armenia is a treasure cove that gives you that good ole’ nature life. 

But… only Indians with GCC residence permits or Iqama holders get to visit with visa-on-arrival.

We’ll get back to you on the other countries that do soon.

7. Oman 

An oasis with high mountains, clear waters and a very rich culture. Oman is close to the UAE and a great pit stop or main destination for tourists. 

Although there are a few requirements prior to arrival, anyone with the GCC or Iqama permits are entitled to visa-on-arrival. 

8. Kuwait

This Gulf country will feel a little like home but with some difference, it’s worth a visit though.. because.. their FOOD is everything. 

Try for yourself and see.

All of us with the GCC and Iqama permits can get visas-on-arrival either by the border or the airport. 

So, where do you think you’re going next?

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