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A Man Is Giving Away Hot Drinks And Water In Tabuk And What He Wants In Exchange Might Make You Cry

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An unknown man in Tabuk offered free hot drinks and water at a public space and had only asked for people to pray for his mother’s health, in return.

The now viral video has already amassed more than 20,000 views on the social media platform Twitter. In the video, a Saudi man documented the area that he found wherein free drinks were being given in an open area.

The founder of this sweet gesture said “I’m not advertising anything, I just wanted to show everyone this beatiful gesture i came across. Someone put 2 coffee machines and a tea pot out in the open and for free, the only thing he asks for in return is that whoever drinks prays for his sick mother. I pray to god that she gets better soon.

He only asked for people’s duaas (prayers) for his sick mother

After the video was uploaded on Sunday, Tweeps were definitely amazed by the generosity and kindness of the man.

There was an outpour of prayers sent via Twitter

People sent the man their well wishes as well as their prayers towards his mother.

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