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A Round-Up Of All The AMAZING And Record-Breaking Events That Took Place For National Day

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Saudi’s National Day was met with many events across the Kingdom.

This year saw a lot of new changes and the pride of the people have been stronger than ever.

Here’s a round-up of the things that took place on the 88th National Day of Saudi Arabia:

(Image Credits: Instagram @_airplane1 & @alyaabdullah_)

1. The Kingdom broke records for its fireworks display

900,000 fireworks were displayed all around the Kingdom, organised by Saudi’s General Entertainment Authority which led to a Guinness World record for the most fireworks displayed around the world.

2. Cirque du Soleil performed in Saudi for the first time ever

Cirque du Soleil performed in Saudi for the very first time. The Canadian-based group came to the Kingdom to perform their world-renowned shows for the 88th National Day.

3. There were SO many events just for National Day around the entire Kingdom

From Taif to Riyadh, the amount of public events held by the Kingdom this year were numerous!

All thanks to the General Entertainment Authority!

4. WWE stars (amongst many other notable figures) sent out greetings

Fan-girl moment. WWE stars Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins both sent out National Day greetings for Saudi.

We’re lovin’ it.

5. …even Google designed something special for Saudi

Google changed their homepage’s logo to something super special for the National Day. The logo featured the very first Saudi stamp in 1934 after the unification of the Kingdom.

6. The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques King Salman extended the holidays!

On Sunday, it was announced that the holiday on September 23 would be extended until Monday September 4th just for the National Day!

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