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A Romantic Hashtag On Twitter Was Hijacked By Food And It’s Hilarious

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A hilarious hashtag that’s been trending on Twitter proves that romance is not dead. 

The hashtag “” or “thinking about you and you don’t even know it” started out as a romantic gesture. 

And while some were longing for a significant other, the people of Twitter have spoken and decided that their thoughts were with their favourite food instead. 

Here are five tweets about food that are just so relatable 

1. This person’s thoughts are with shawarma

2. Of course…more shawarma

Shawarma seems to be very popular as one tweet aptly stated “love doesn’t have to be towards a person.” 

3. French fries anyone?

4. Who says you need to settle for just one

5. For some it was just money…perhaps to buy more food?

That’s it, Twitter has spoken and it seems as if food has won over love in the battle of which is more important! 

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