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A Saudi Doctor Made It To Mount Vinson Raking In Another Achievement While Honoring The Kingdom

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A Saudi doctor is being celebrated after a remarkable feat after he made it to the highest mountain in the South Pole.

(Image Credits: Twitter @hashksa)

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Dr. Bader Al-Shaibani climbed up Mount Visnon in Antarctica

The Visnon Massif is a 4,892 metre-high and stretches 21 kilometres long. It is within the Sentinel Range of the Ellsworth Mountains that is around 1,200 km from the South Pole.

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The mountain is said to be an extreme, high-altitude climb

According to Alpine Ascents, climbing up the Vinson mountain means a person should be comfortable enough to be climbing up to EIGHT hours a day.


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He proudly held onto the Saudi flag once he made it

A testament of loyalty from the Kingdom’s latest achiever!

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The temperature reached 45 degrees below zero at the top

Following his achievement, Dr. Al-Shaibani mentioned the weather he had to endure climbing up the mountain and thanked those who trusted in him to accomplish this.

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