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A Saudi Family Actually Forgot Their 3-Year-Old Toddler In A Taxi

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Because mistakes can happen right?

We came across a very weird story on the internet and this is what supposedly happened.

A Saudi family book a taxi in Makkah travel in it and get off they once they reach their destination. Sounds simple, right? But that’s not just it while getting off they forget their 3-year-old toddler in the taxi.

The family performed Umrah just prior to the mishap.

According to the Gulf News, the toddler was sleeping in the back seat when the family got off next to a restaurant. The family only realises that their child is missing once the taxi goes away.

The family then rush to the police and inform them about the incident.

The police then sends patrols around town to locate the taxi. The taxi was finally tracked down hours later at a checkpoint en route to Madinah and the toddler was found in it and was duly returned to the family.

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