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MORE REFORM: Labor Courts Are Being Set Up In Saudi To Protect All The Workers

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The millions of workers, foreign and locals alike, who are working in the country are expected to benefit much from the soon-to-open labor courts.

According to Arab News, these labor courts are expected to start in early 2019.

The Ministry of Justice has given a statement that the launch of these courts is on track and they are taking all the necessary measures to make sure it does.

The court buildings are under construction, judges are being trained and staff for various vacancies is being inducted.

The report makes mention of a statistic that dates to the 1st quarter of 2018 that showed that there are around 13 million workers in the country.

These labor courts are expected to help in organizing the labor market, which will eventually boost investment and help achieve the objectives laid out in Vision 2030.

“Labor courts will be connected to all government entities that deal with labor. We have already started studying labor dispute cases from the past few years and building our operational plan,” said the ministry.

”We are looking into achieving four objectives: Boosting investment opportunities, achieving excellence, swiftness of the labor judiciary, and benefiting from the rich databases of the courts.”

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