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5 Cafes In Riyadh That Are Perfect To Work From

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Whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a student, or someone who is just looking for a new setting to work from and feel productive in, the wide range of work-friendly cafes in Riyadh have got you covered.

And for those having difficulty picking one, look no further – this si the ultimate list of work-friendly cafes in Riyadh.

Draft Cafe

With multiple branches across the city and a calm ambiance, this cafe is the go-to for freelancers and others looking to work from a non-office space.



They offer business and meeting rooms as well a larger working area for everyone. Plus, great coffee and tea, of course!

  • Page Cafe

Need privacy? A blackboard? A projector screen? Some delicious coffee? They have everything you need to meet your goals of the day!

  • Zamakan

It is one of the newest coworking spaces in town and is extremely spacious, with a range of rooms that are going to fit the needs of just about everyone.

  • Homies Cafe

It is spacious, warm, and has great coffee. What more does one need in a space they are trying to be productive in?


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