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A New Tour In Riyadh Is Highlighting The Upcoming Public Transportation Plans Of The City

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If you are based in or visiting Riyadh, there is a tour that you don’t want to be missing out. And it is one that explains a LOT about what is going on around the city right now.

A tour that highlights all the public transportation developments in Riyadh has been set up

The tour is a good explanation of why there are currently so many detours all across the city and what is to come very soon.

The  Visitor Centre is meant to educate and inform the citizens of Riyadh about this huge development project and how it‘s going to affect their lives. Visitors will be guided by one of the project staff through the center and will be shown the importance of this project to the city, in addition to all the challenges they faced during construction. =

The tour is offered in both Arabic and English

At the end of the tour visitors will also get to see an actual size metro wagon shown in this video.


Also, the tour is free of charge.

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