New Research Shows Who Own The Most Expensive Cars In The UAE And It’s Surprising


Using the sample of 7,000 people from an online portal’s database, ServiceMarket analysed data this year that led to the results of these interesting car and rental trends in the United Arab Emirates.

I bet, like us, you’ve always wondered whom in the UAE owns the most expensive cars?

This is what they found:

According to their research, Female Emiratis drive the most expensive cars in the country

Quite a surprising turn of events. While the results show that Emiratis, as a nation, are ones who drive the most expensive cars in the UAE, Western expatriates certainly come second.

And guess what?

Female Emirati drivers are reportedly more prone to insure cars that are 25% more expensive than their male partners. With an average of AED125,000 in value for the vehicles chosen. Whereas for Westerners, the men tend to drive a more hefty-valued car then their female compatriots. 


Along with this, they also discovered other things like:

A lot of the young-ins actually own the expensive cars

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, ServiceMarket has discovered that over 15% of the drivers are below the age 25 are looking to insure their vehicles that cost (on average) around a whopping AED 150,000!

Giphy 6

Dubai residents actually love buying online

In the list, Dubai-ans are apparently most keen on purchasing car insurances online, followed by Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

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Drivers in the UAE are very “last minute”

I know what you’re thinking haha, but not in terms of the whole “better late than never” to functions, gatherings, or driving to meet a friend on time (although, that too, debateable). 

Close to 30% of the clients that used Service Market’s online portal (out of 7,000) chose to purchase a new car insurance a DAY before their renewal date. They also found that Asian expats looked into buying a car insurance in advance. Hmmm.

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