6 Places You Need To Visit On A Roadtrip Away From Dubai


Sometimes you just need a break. And, if you don’t, not only are you part of the 0.01% of humanity, but you could probably do with a little exploration anyway. Although we love our city dearly, we also know there is more out there to see and do, we just need a little guidance. Well, here we are to guide you on the top 6 places to visit outside of the city:

1. Al Ain

Al Ain literally means ‘The Spring’ and is also known as the Garden City due to it’s gorgeous greenery – something we quite lack in the desert. It is roughly 120 kilometres away from Dubai and has the highest number of Emirati nationals and we can totally see why they want to call this place home.

Must see: The Green Mubazzarah Park and Hot Springs

2. Fujairah

Fujairah is the only one of the seven Emirates that has a coastline solely on the Gulf of Oman. It is roughly 120 kilometres away from Dubai and is almost completely mountainous. 

Must see: The Al Badiyah Mosque – the oldest mosque in the United Arab Emirates which was built in 1446 of mud and bricks.

3. Kalba

Kalba is a closer little paradise as it’s only 44 kilometres from Dubai’s city centre. However, it’s arguably one of the most impressive hidden gems in the UAE.  

Must see: Khor Kalba – a gorgeous view of mangroves, tidal creeks and sandy beaches that are home to birds, fish and even turtles. *totally, dude!*

4. Qudra

A hop, skip and jump away from Dubai, this place is perfect if you get a little antsy on long drives. At just 48 kilometres from the city, Qudra is not only a hotspot for cyclists, but an ideal picnic spot for friends and family. 

Must see: Al Qudra Lakes – home to more birds than you even knew existed!

5. Ras Al Khaimah

Located 120 kilometres away, Ras al-Khaimah has been a settlement for people for several millennia and has many historical and archaeological sites throughout the emirate. They’ve even found remnants from 2000BC! Definitely worth digging around this place.

Must see: Jab Al Jais – the highest mountain in the UAE.

6. Sharjah

Sharjah is almost a curse word for Dubai residents simply because of the traffic, we get it, it’s bad. But, if you’re willing to brave the mere 30-kilometre journey, it’ll totally be worth it.

Must see: The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation – art, science and culture all under an impeccable work of architecture


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