A 14-Year Old Indian Boy From Sharjah Had His First Solo Flight And Is Breaking World Records


A 14-year-old Indian boy who was born and raised in Sharjah had his first solo flight in a Cessna 152 and has already beat other records for the youngest pilot category. Mansoor Anis flew a plane all on his own with a minimum training of just 25 hours. 


Mansoor Anis began ‘training’ at the age of 7 when his uncle introduced him to computer flight simulator 

Anis’ uncle, based in New Delhi, is also a professional pilot working for a private Indian airline. When he turned 13, Mansoor was set on a career in piloting, in less than a year afterwards he went to Canada to begin his training at the AAA Aviation Flight Academy in British Columbia. 

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Mansoor’s chief flight instructor (CFI) was hesitant on allowing such a young student to fly his own aircraft

However, he soon realised the 14-year-old had a great knowledge on the basis of flying an aircraft and that he learned fast. So on August 30, Mansoor took his first solo flight in a Cessna 152. 

Mansoor told Khaleej Times that he plans to be an airline pilot in the future, and dreams to work for either Emirates or Etihad.


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