10 Pictures That Show Just How Eerie Yet Awesome Al Madam House In Sharjah Really Is


For those who have lived in the UAE long enough, you have probably stumbled on this abandoned house while flicking through your Instagrams. 

People are constantly posing on huge beds of sands inside the eerie villas in the middle of Sharjah’s desert and has made this spot the perfect location to explore. 

Far from the glitz and glam of the country’s skyscrapers, the Al Madam abandoned house has been taken over by sand and nature’s forces over the years. 

No one really knows who owns the villas or what actually happened to them, but it is known that the villas are part of the ghost town of Al Madam, which make it all the more worthwhile for an adrenaline-filled visit. 

Here are 10 pictures of the eerie villas that are just so awesome, you’ll pencil in a visit this weekend! 

1. The villas are a part of an abandoned village in Sharjah’s desert

2. There’s an abandoned mosque near the villa complex

3. You can still find some of the previous owner’s furniture…creepy or cool?

4. The villas are literally being swallowed by sand in the desert

5. But the villas are all awesome and Instagram-worthy spots

6. There’s no running electricity, so sunshine is your only source of light

7. The interior is just so cool, you’ll find lots of wallpaper and textile work

8. The scenes are so beautiful, the pictures don’t do it justice

9. The surroundings are just as gorgeous as the architecture

10. So grab your friends on this unique desert adventure

Rumors say that this abandoned village has become haunted, so make sure you grab your supplies (plus your courage) and definitely leave before the sun sets. 

And it’s the perfect outdoor activity before the weather gets too hot!

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