5 Things To Know About Kumbalangi Nights And Where You Can Watch It In Dubai


An Indian movie, Kumbalangi Nights, has been one of the most searched keywords in Dubai recently and it’s SO big it’s even being screened in Dubai cinemas this week.

The new film, directed by Madhu Narayanan is a fun take on sibling relationships and is centred around that family love.

The hype has been real esp with Valentine’s Day coming up and here are some quick facts about it before you

(Image Credits: ScreenGrab/ Official Instagram of Kumbalangi Nights)

1. The movie is inspired by nostalgic events from the screenwriter’s life

Syam Pushkaran, the Malayalam screen writer of this movie, has already won two Indian National Awards with his previous work. According to Gulf News, the inspiration of this new film are based off of his nostalgic memories.

2. The story is about four brothers and their comedic path to love

The four brothers are being played by Soubin Shahir, Shane Nigam Sreenath Bhasi and new actor Mathews.

3. The film’s genre fits the ‘family comedy’ category

So expect there to be LOADS of laughing points!

4. ‘Kumbalangi Nights’ was released in the UAE on February 7

But it’s still being screen in cinemas across the UAE.

5. Here are a list of cinemas where you can watch:

VOX Cinemas is currently showing the 150-minute film in Burjuman, Grand Hyatt, Ajman, City Centre Deira, City Centre Sharjah, Sindagha and even Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall.

More info on timings and dates here.

P.S. It seems like this will keep showing until the 20th of Feb.


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