6 Changes In The UAE’s Labor Law That You Need To Know


From flexible working hours to shared jobs, the latest changes in labor laws have completely altered how employment in the private sector operates. Take a mental note of the latest labor laws in the UAE:


6. Condensed working hours scheme

If an employee works 40 hours a week in line with their contract, they now have the option to complete these work hours over three days.

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5. Teenagers can work!

Employers can now allow those aged 15 and older part-time paid jobs!

4. Maternal leave has been extended

Employers are obliged to give new mothers more time off, with an extra 15 days at half-pay and a further 45 days unpaid leave in case of illness, an overall 30% increase in leave.

3. Visa expiry extension for those who were laid off their jobs

Employees who have lost or left their jobs will have 180 days before their residency visa expires — which was previously capped at only 30 days, therefore a significant change!

2. Sick leave and rest days

Workers are now entitled to one paid leave day per week. Also a 3-5 paid bereavement leave, in addition to the five days of parental leave.

1. Discrimination laws

The law’s latest amendments promote equal rights between woman and men and prohibit any discrimination against them, to ensure they receive the same pay as men for the same work or for a job of equal value.

Employers are also prohibited from using any means of force against workers or threats of penalizing workers to make them work against their will


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