What Are You Even Doing If You Have A Pool But NOT These 8 Pool Floaties?!


It’s getting hot and we all know what that means! So step up your home quarantine game and welcome summer with a splash sistaahhhsss!

But seriously do you even have the right to complain about sitting at home this quarantine season if you have a pool in your backyard (unlike the rest of us apartment dwellers)?!

So go on you lucky fellas and add these 8 pool floats to your waterhole to be livin’ your best life… in your villa… with your pool… and your toilets made off gold… ugh.

We said welcome summer with a splash… not a tsunami

8. Okay, how freggin chic is this metallic pink Giant Flamingo Inflatable Pool Float?! Just one snap with this on IG feed and your DMs will be floooded

Buy it from Amazon for AED 115.

7. No more running inside for a drink- bring the party to you with this Inflatable Rainbow Cloud Pool Bar! With 5 cup holders and an ice bucket hole, you’ll have plenty of bevvies at arms’ reach

Plus, there’s nothing worse than a warm, flat drink in the heavy summer heat. So, keep your beverages cool with the spacious ice bucket hole. Just fill it up with ice, toss in your bottles or snacks, and enjoy crisp, cold refreshments for hours on end.

Totally not jealous, to-ta-lly not jealous.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 52.

6. (Inflatable) Donut and chill with your bronuts this summer

Buy it from Amazon for AED 28.99 (down from AED 174).

5. Put your phone on the ‘Donut Disturb’ mode and float away on this Rainbow Sprinkle Donut Tube 

Promising review:

“Looks nice in the swimming pool and stayed afloat.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 45.

4. How is any pool ever complete without at least one Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float?! Giant Unicorn floats are essential if you have a pool bruv

Promising review:

“Bigger than what I have expected and too nice for swimming pools. Thanks.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 145 (down from AED 319).

3. These 16 darn cool floating cup holders (that comes with a pump) will make you never, we repeat NEVER want to leave the pool

Your friends will be green with envy seeing all your boujee pool stories.

Promising review:

“Amazing idea if you’re having a party at home. It comes with a pump, very easy to use…”

Buy the pack of 16 from Amazon for AED 65.55 (down from AED 352.29).

2. How bangin’ is this Giant Inflatable Eggplant?! Be floating around on the edgiest veggie of ’em all

Buy it from Amazon for AED 120.40.

1. Literally pining for this Inflatable Pineapple Pool Raft!

A FINEE-apple pool floatie indeed.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 68 (down from AED 227.94).

You living your best quarantine life on your brand new pool floats like…


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