9 Hilarious Pairs Of Socks Cuz YOLO!


Life’s way TOO short to be wearing plain, boring socks!

These fun, quirky and full of LOLs pairs of socks can get you (or those around you) out of the dullest of all moods by just looking at them.

From animal feet to fruit prints, some pairs of socks will even do all the talking for you. So keep your feet all nice and cosy with these 9 novelty socks that might come off as a complete cringefest to the boring, but for people like you and I, issa a total KEEPER!

Plus, do not tell me these wouldn’t make for the most PERFECT gifts for those who like hoarding on socks.

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9. Gamers and these ‘Do Not Disturb I’m Gaming’ Socks make for the PERFECT pair!! Don’t you think?!

These cotton socks are a one-size-fits-all… oh you lucky gamers. This is clearly your time.

Promising review:

“These socks were perfect! My husband loves them! The material was great! Will order from this company again!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 71.99.

8. If you’ve been called ‘Chicken Legs’ all your life, it’s time you own up to your title with these Funny Chicken Legs Knee-High Socks!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 19.99 (AED 30).

7. One pair of quirky socks is NOT ENOUGH!!  Get yo’self this pack of 14 pairs of fun printed foodie socks and replace them with your old boring black and white socks… cuz YOLO fam. Plus the vibrant colours are just perfect for summertime

These socks are every foodie’s delight!!

Shop the pack of 14 pairs from Amazon for AED 174.72.

6. These super soft and 3D Printed Unisex Animal Paw Socks are toooooo darn cool!! Knock the socks off your fam walking around in these animal printed socks, looking half-animal and half-human

The animal paws featured are: cat paws, dog paws, tiger paws and dinosaur paws.

A perfect gift for someone who takes too much stress in life.

Promising review:

“These are the perfect example of fun and functional. They are soft (I like the combed cotton texture) and the designs are simple and quickly recognised without being too flashy or bright. The fit is perfect and they wash up great, as expected. I will be buying again for gifts.”

Buy the pack of 4 pairs from Amazon for AED 54.99.

5. Doggo lovers are going to be FLOORED by these adorbs 3D Beagle Novelty Print Ankle Socks!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 14.08.

4. …Not a fan of cats but these 3D Kittyyy Ankle Socks are honestly the cutest things evaaaarr!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 23.

3. Had a stressed-out adulting day?! Then let these Novelty Crew Socks do all the talking for you sis

Buy it from Amazon for AED 16.01.

2. How cool are these Trump Crew Socks?! These Donald Trump socks come with soft, luxurious hair you can style, comb over, clip and tease. Change the hairstyle to suit your mood! (Plus they give you a comb for the hair with your purchase LOOL)

Promising review:

“These are the funniest socks! They even came with a small comb attached to each sock to readjust the “combover”.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 25.

1. Avocados have become a national food for us vegans, so why not wear these kaa-yooot Avacado Socks, as a badge of honour?!

A perfect gift for your vegan, avocado-on-toast lover bae!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 14.08.


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