A 10-Year-Old Emirati Boy Was Honoured For Saving His Family From A House Fire

Farah Makhlouf

A fire erupted in a home in Kalba, Sharjah last week at 2am. And there was a hero who managed to help everyone evacuate and that’s 10-year-old Ahmed Haitham Al Naqbi!

Ahmed woke up to the smell of smoke in his bedroom. He quickly ran to wake his father up. The father rushed his 2 other sons and wife out of the house. The father found that the fire was rapidly spreading from the bedroom’s AC unit, right above Ahmed’s bed.

Ahmed showed incredible maturity and heroism by helping his father evacuate his younger brothers and mother from the burning house

The Sharjah Civil Defence Authority, represented by the Civil Defence Department in the Eastern Region, honoured Ahmed Al Naqbi for his vigilance and heroic role in saving his family’s life

Sharjah’s Civil Defence team promptly arrived at the scene and put out the fire. “Ahmed’s quick thinking saved the lives of his siblings and mother. Just moments after evacuating the children’s room, it was entirely in flames” his father said.

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