A Man Was Arrested For Promoting AED100 Illicit Massage Services From Home Via Snapchat

Farah Makhlouf

A man was promoting illicit massage services from home via Snapchat to coerce women into compromising situations for the sole purpose of blackmail and extortion. He was advertising his at-home massage services for as low as AED100. 

Sharjah police devised a plan to catch the suspect red-handed after receiving an anonymous tip


He was arrested and referred to the relevant authorities

Sharjah Police’s Criminal and Investigation Department successfully raided the specified location and caught the suspect in action. He was arrested and confessed to his crimes.

Sharjah Police is urging the public to maintain security and stability from the standpoint of social responsibility, to cooperate with police agencies, and to report illegal activities using the following numbers: Najid Service (800151) in the event of noticing any suspicious behaviour which violates the law.

In case of being defrauded or threatened, the victim should contact (065943228), or communicate with the specialised teams via WhatsApp on the number (0559992158).

If you have any information about any criminal phenomena or incidents, you may provide it via the toll-free number (80040).

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