A Private School In Ajman Scammed More Than 1,500 Families

Aneesa Ahmed
Bus, Ajman

Crazy! Parents fell for cheap schooling deals that were advertised on social media.. but little did they know that it was actually a scam

A school and faculty was set up to scam people into paying tuition fees. Police received complaints from parents that they had paid large sums of money to a school administration, only to discover that it doesn’t exist a few days later

The private school owner was a 40-year old Arab man who was arrested by the police once the truth was uncovered


Parents said they saw the school advertised on social media and further communication was carried out through WhatsApp. Attractive offers and deals enticed the parents of more than 1,500 students to pay either a reservation fee of 500 AED or the whole tuition fee of up to 15,000 AED

Be wary of scammers! At least you can be certain there’ll be a punishment worse than detention

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