Roadtrip Time! There’s A Hidden Gem In Sharjah That’s About To Be All The Rave


Sharjah is fast becoming one of the UAE’s most exciting cities, with its shifting entertainment scene and incredible venues available- it’s no wonder this Emirate is seeing more and more visitors every year.

But here’s a new spot in Sharjah, yet to be discovered because it’s just opened up: behold, the beautiful Madar at Aljada, with different cluster set for different types of entertainment, nature, sustainability, homes and more.

What a gem! Madar is finally open and there’s SO much to do

As part of the residential megaproject Aljada, Madar is opening itself up as a new hub not just for Sharjah but for the UAE. So if you’re done with the same ‘ole thing, then go on an hour’s road trip and get ready to experience something new.

Mark this date down: Thursday (Feb 27!) is when this new hotspot officially opens.


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. يفتح مدار في @aljadashj أبوابه أمام الزوار من العاشرة صباحاً وحتى العاشرة ليلاً طيلة أيام الأسبوع. وقد تختلف مواعيد العروض خلال احتفالية عطلة نهاية الأسبوع، سيتم فتح ستة مرافق ومناطق ترفيهية جديدة أمام الجمهور ابتداء من يوم الخميس الساعة 3 ظهراً: زاد، الوجهة الجديدة لعشاق النكهات الشهية في الإمارات مسرحاً يستوعب 500 شخصاً بلاي سكيب، التي تنتشر فيها أبراج التسلّق والأراجيح ساحة التزحلق لعشاق الإثارة والمغامرة مركز استكشاف الجادة، من تصميم شركة زها حديد العالمية جناح الجامعة الأمريكية في الشارقة من تصميم مجموعة من طلاب الجامعة #AljadaWeekends #Sharjah #MadarAtAljada #RediscoverYourSharjah #الشارقة #مدار #الجادة

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Meet your new weekend go-to!

Weekends in Sharjah are about to get even more interesting thanks to a weekly calendar of events at Madar at Aljada. Each weekend will host different events- so you know you’ll always have choices depending on your mood.

Unleashing your creative side is welcome to all, because Madar is set to be THE choice for fun, for embracing the culture and adding some pizzaz to break up the routine.

Live entertainment, several dining options, shopping options, parks for both adults and the kiddos, AND a place to really tap into your artistic side. It is the dreaaam.

Foodies can enjoy a variety from 18 types of cuisine at the Zad food district, while kids can enjoy the children’s play area, there’s a skatepark, amphitheatre, and special indoor and outdoor areas for events

This space (the size of 25 football fields) is for EVERYONE

Whether you’re a family of four, a single creative looking for inspiration to inspire your writing, art, or music or a couple trying to find a romantic place for a date, or for children to play around in- there’s something for everybody.

Snap a pic of the Aljada Discovery Center; the masterpiece of the entire place

If you’re familiar with the greatness that is the Zaha Hadid Architects designs, you’ll know that the late Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid is known for her futuristic designs; a design that has been brought to life even at The Aljada Discovery centre; an elliptical building that showcases Sharjah’s master plan and gives potential homeowners the chance to see what their future neighbourhood is all about.


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Check out the list of fun events coming up this weekend (AND all the rest)

If you’re into culture, then you’ll enjoy this weekend’s theme of Cultural Fusion; wherein Madar at Aljada will bring Emirati rock musician Bafoory along with other entertainers like beatboxers, breakdancers and more. Gather ’round for incredible performances between Feb 27-29, here’s the list of events.

Mind you, every weekend until the Holy Month of Ramadan will have a new theme. That’s right.


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Go, go go- here are the important bits:

Take part in this thriving community, grab your mates and family and enjoy!

Location? Aljada by Arada, Sharjah 

More info here. 

Or check them out on the ‘gram here.


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