Brighten Up Your Home With These 6 GORG Lamps


If you’ve looked around your space and wondered what could be different, it’s always the lighting. A good light source can make or break a room so finding the perfect light fixture to match your aesthetic is key.

We’ve rounded up 6 light fixtures that’ll bring the wow factor back to your room

6. This 3D Print Moon Lamp is taking the world by a storm

This lamp is small, simple and beautiful! If you’re into astronomy, this lamp is for you. Get yours 50% off today.

5. Metal Bird Cage Shape Lampshade is just the industrial vibes you’re looking for

Your love for mixed metals can also be your source of light in a room. It’s currently 32% off!

4. The RANARP Reading Lamp is a must-have if you’re going for a modern industrial space

This lamp would be the perfect shine above a cozy reading nook. Get yours here!

3. For the crystal lovers, this Himalayan Salt Lamp is the perfect energy source

If aesthetic is more of what you’re going for, this salt lamp is giving us all sorts of positive vibes! Just be careful, it can melt. Get yours 56% off now!

2. This Reading Desk Lamp is just what the teacher ordered

Let the light shine on your desk with this modern lamp for just AED96.25

1. Get the hotel vibes with this ÅRSTID Wall Lamp

A classic sconce will elevate any space into a cozy and chic one! Get yours for AED65 right here.

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