The 3-Person Per Car Limit And Rules For Wearing Masks In Cars Still Stand


Dubai Police confirm the limit of three people permitted to travel in each car (with the exception of families) still applies, and masks must be worn by anyone travelling in a car of more than two people.

Following the news that business activity is gradually resuming, people questioned whether earlier rules still apply. Does the limit of three people per car still stand?

Police confirmed via Twitter, stating there is still a maximum of three people permitted to travel per car. However, an exception for families is in place, and up to five members of the same family are allowed to travel in the same car without fear of being fined.

Take note: If there are two people or more in one car, you need to wear a mask. If not, you can expect a AED3,000 fine.

There is a three-person car limit with the exception of families

You don’t need a face mask if you’re travelling alone, if there is more than one person in the car, masks are compulsory for all

If you have a fine, but you don’t believe it’s deserved, you can appeal it

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