WATCH OUT: 8 Sleek Watches For Men All Under AED100


Time flies when your having fun and slows down, even more, when you’re trying to save up for something.

Why splurge all your hard-earned money on an accessory just to garner momentary respect in the boardroom?! Nahh, that’s not how the Gen-Zs do things around here. Fashion to the Gen-Z is all about looking your best and feeling your best. It’s all about how you carry what you’re wearing, the price or the brand don’t matter cus baby, you are the brand!

So if you’re on a tight budget and are not looking to mindlessly splurge then here’s a list of 8 affordable men’s wrist clocks that will have you standing out in any and every occasion, that too for a fraction of their luxury counterparts price.

(Prices are subjected to change depending on the demand of the item).

8. Pave the way with your new and styy-laashhh Stainless Steel Military Sport Date Analog Quartz Wrist Watch

Switch up and choose from a range of rims and band customisations from the site and pick the colour scheme that best suits you and your style. Keep your look sleek with the sharp Analog Quartz Wrist Watches.

Buy it from Amazon for AED38.99.

7. It’s raining sass with the Men’s Business Mesh Belt Quartz Watch, hallelujah it’s raining sass

Check out this totally suave stainless steen Quartz classic watchey that’ll get ’em ladies swooningg over your taste in fashion. Because NOTHING, we repeat nothing (other than a good sense of humour and intelligence… and kindness and maybe optimism plus being a foodie) attracts a woman like a good sense of style.

Buy this sa-weeet watch for ONLY AED39.99 on Amazon.

6. Ouu a lil gold and silver action happening here, what a look you’ve got going on there Mr.Digital Multi-Layer Dial Men Quartz Mesh Belt Watch

Geneva will have your wrists looking like a million bucks with this Quartz Mesh Belt Watch! Buy it from Amazon for AED19.99 OnLYyyYY peopleeee!

5. Going minimalistic is the new thaaing! Don’t fall behind on the classy new trend and check out the Waterproof Simple Mesh Belt Man Quartz Watch for pointers (no pun intended)

With the minimalist design, this watch can do you no wrong… EVER! With the simple dial, the low-key luxe watch screams ‘loaded but not the show-off types’. Get your game goin’ smooth like butter.

Buy it from Amazon for AED45.99.

4. No dull days with the Men’s Stainless Steel Sport Quartz Analog Date Hour Watch wrapped around your wrist

A posh watch that’s practically suitable for parties, meetings, ceremonies, festivals, weddings and all the daily jingbangs. Buy it from Amazon for AED39.99.

3. Urm we can’t believe our eyes either but the popular Men ‘s Retro Transparent Watch is being sold on Amazon for ONLY AED 9.99 peeps!

Yes believe it, because this is a timely miracle on Amazon’s part. Plus, when Amazon gives you a good deal, you don’t just scroll past it, you make the most of it! Buy it on Amazon for only AED9.99.

2. This heavenly Lakhum Minimalist Casual Quartz Wrist Watch will make you look like the good guy that every girl NEEDS in her life!

So pure, so shiny! This minimalistic and waterproof Quartz wristwatch looks like it’s fallen straight outta heaven, only to land on your wrists. Who could say no to a godsend?! Buy it on Amazon for AED53.25.

1. Daredevils like the Quartz Sports Ultra-Thin Wristwatch never go unnoticed

Ok boomer, stand out with your ultra-slim and waterproof wristwatch that is nothing less than charming and daring with today’s ‘show-off’ kinda generation. The perfect timepiece for the rugged gentleman.

Buy it on Amazon for AED99.00.


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