These 8 Coronavirus ‘Survival’ Books Are Trending In Dubai Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic


The UAE is taking a number of major precautionary steps to prevent the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) and although residents and expats are being as understanding as it gets, the feeling of fear and uncertainty is hanging high in the air without a doubt.

People around the world are struggling to deal with a situation that’s put life as we know it at a standstill, thus it is SO important to do whatever it takes to comfort yourself and your family at times like this, and that’s exactly what residents are doing.

Dubai folks have started buying books and educating themselves of the disease and are trying to learn of organic ways to cope with and build their immunity against the virus, as well as are trying to learn the source of the deadly disease. Here we have put together a list of trending and best-selling Covid-19 books in Dubai and the UAE that you may find useful as well.

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8. Pandemic Survival – It’s Why You’re Alive Hardcover: A read deemed A-okay for adults and a younger audience

The Black Death. Yellow Fever. Smallpox. History is full of gruesome pandemics, and surviving those pandemics has shaped our society and way of life. Every person today is alive because of an ancestor who survived–and surviving our current and future pandemics, like SARS, AIDS, bird flu or a new and unknown disease, will determine our future.

Full of delightfully gross details about symptoms and fascinating facts about bizarre superstitious behaviours, Pandemic Survival is sure to interest even the most squeamish of readers.

Promising review:

“An overall entertaining and educational book about the various viruses, epidemics and plagues that have descended upon the human race throughout history.

Considering that this book is aimed at younger readers I felt that they handled the serious and sometimes frightening aspects of this topic with dignity and respect without being overwhelming and kept a good balance between the inherent darkness of the material and not sugar coating it to make it “safer” for younger readers.”

Buy the hardcover from Amazon for AED 89.79.

7. Animal Viruses and Humans, a Narrow Divide:  Written by  Warren Andiman, an HIV/AIDS researcher and someone who has been on the front lines battling infectious diseases for over 40 years!!

Promising review:

“This is a thrilling collection of stories about viruses that impacted the modern world, with stories about the real people, often kind and well-meaning people, who helped sick animals and inadvertently spread viruses into the human realm, with devastating consequences.”

Buy the paperback cover from Amazon for AED 50.24.

6. Survival Hacks – Over 200 Ways to Use Everyday Items for Wilderness Survival Paperback: A lil survival guide to calm ’em nerves of panic buyers errawhere

Survival Hacks takes you step-by-step through transforming simple objects like soda tabs and plant leaves into essential survival tools. This rough-and-rugged guide covers everything from small-scale hacks, like using sticks and rope to make a table, to the big stuff, like creating a one-person emergency shelter from a trash bag or purifying dirty water using a plastic bottle and the sun.

Being prepared can make the difference when it comes to your survival in an emergency. And Survival Hacks makes it a whole lot easier.

Promising review:

” The kit contents are listed with the reasons they are important. If you are new to the world of prepping/survival or have been studying the topic for years, this book is a must-have for your reference books.”

Buy the paperback cover from Amazon for AED 53.86.

5. The Wuhan Coronavirus Safety Handbook: Survival manual to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, lockdowns and quarantines

With the virus affecting more than 176 countries and territories around the world, people are getting ready to for this pandemic that has already left over 3,000 dead. The WHO declared the outbreak a public health emergency of international concern, and items such as facemasks and hand sanitizers are selling out like hotcakes.

In this safety handbook, Dr. Daniel C. Paul M.D., an expert in pandemic prevention, explains what the virus is, how to protect yourself and your fam from it.

Buy the paperback cover from Amazon for AED 50.22.

4. The spike and 3A proteins of SARS-Coronavirus: An A-Z scientific breakdown of the novel coronavirus outbreak

During SARS-CoV infection, the Spike protein is the first protein to interact with the host membrane and plays a crucial role in viral pathogenesis. The various transcriptome changes that occur within the cell following this interaction will provide for a clearer understanding of the role the Spike protein plays during SARS-CoV infection.

Buy the paperback cover from Amazon for AED 272.27.

3. Deadly Outbreaks: How Medical Detectives Save Lives Threatened by Killer Pandemics, Exotic Viruses, and Drug-Resistant Parasites Hardcover

Promising review:

“The knowledge pool and determination of the people at the CDC and other international, federal, state & local health agencies demonstrates teamwork at its best. These case studies enable mere mortals like me to start to understand how these outbreaks unfold and the mysteries solved.”

Buy the hardcover from Amazon for AED 350.75.

2. Herbal Antivirals Paperback – by Stephen Harrod Buhner: A great book with an alternative take on the pandemic, that provides more organic methods to tackle the virus!

Promising review:

“This book is scientific, with solid evidence, and written by someone with good humour that actually uses the plants mentioned in the book. The book is well organized. It starts with an introduction to viruses and discusses the threat that they represent to our health.”

Buy the hardcover from Amazon for AED 144.

1. The Coronavirus Prevention Handbook – 101 Science-Based Tips That Could Save Your Life: The #1 trending book on Covid-19 in Dubai and all of UAE!

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the US and the World Health Organization have declared the coronavirus a worldwide health emergency. The coronavirus was first identified in Wuhan, China. Now, from the medical experts there, comes the first authoritative, comprehensive guide to preparing for the ongoing epidemic (COVID-19)!

Buy the paperback cover from Amazon for AED 64.99.


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