Leave The House Prepped For Flu Season With These 8 Essentials


You’ve gots to be prepared these days, can’t leave anything up to chance!

So stock up on these antibacterial and preventive masks for this flu season and gear yourself and your famjam up for anything that might come your way!

Because you know how the saying goes: better safe than sorry…

8. Get the Germ Buster Lavender Oil Organic Dust Mites Spray, to fight dust mites around you

Germ Buster’s natural ingredients will remove your dust mite problem without harmful fumes or chemicals. It contains Lavender oil which is one of the best natural ways to repel dust mites. Spray away on the metro seats, your office furniture, bedding, car seats, tables, mall benches and be on top of the germ-free game!!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 73.14.

7. Kill 99% of the germs from your life with this Pastil Hand Sanitizer (2 pack bundle)

Coz a sanitizer a day keeps the Covid-19 (sorta) away! Buy the two-pack bundle from Amazon for AED 59.

6. Only because this is practically SOLD OUT everywhere in Dubai!! These Disposable Masks are super convenient plus they come in a pack with 50 pieces!!

Marhaba to the world of protection! Buy the pack from Amazon for AED 140.64.

5. If masks are too stuffy for you and your little one then the Adjustable Anti-Virus Protective Face Protection Cap is the way to go!

Blocks the UV rays too! How perf is this honestly?! Buy it from Amazon for AED 37.22.

4. If you’re looking for a stronger form of protection then the Disposable N95 Masks are the masks for you!

The N95 masks filter out bacteria, viruses, dust and etc. tight sealed and comfortable plus the perf Covid-19 protection. Buy it from Amazon for AED 51.51.

3. You need ’em wet wipes in your life right now!! Thus, the Himalaya Soothing & Protecting Baby Wipes

Buy them from Amazon for ONLY AED 4.16!!

2. Opt for a reusable and more ‘scarfy’ face mask opt with this Anti Slip Breathable Neck Balaclava Face Bandana Scarf 

Buy it from Amazon for AED 108.92.

1. Kill ’em desk cooties with the bioguard sanitizer spray 

It’s not enough to keep yourself clean, you have to keep the surfaces around you disinfected as well sis!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 85.

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