COVID-19 Guidelines You MUST Know Before Hosting Social Gatherings Or Wedding Receptions 


We are lucky to be living in a city that gives us the liberty to live life like in the pre-COVID days but with some necessary precautions still in place. e.g. wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and etc.

Hence, if you follow all the regulations and are mindful of the guidelines, you can actually live your life to the absolute fullest in this city.

So if you’re planning on hosting a house gathering or reception, here is a list of essential COVID-19 guidelines measures that citizens, expats and visitors MUST abide by in Dubai to avoid facing hefty penalties:

  1. No more than 200 people are allowed at gatherings organised in halls, hotels and tents.
  2. House gatherings should NOT exceed 30 guests.
  3. Attendees should refrain from all physical contact including shaking hands, hugging and other such traditional greetings.
  4. Attendees must wear their face masks at all times and remove them only when they are seated at their table.
  5. A max of 5 guests should be seated per table.
  6. Attendees should avoid sitting face-to-face or in close proximity to others.
  7. Guests should maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other attendees at the gathering.
  8. Tables should be placed at least 2-metres apart from each other.
  9. Events held at halls, hotels, homes, temporary venues and tents should not exceed 4 hours.
  10. Elderly people & those with chronic conditions are advised to refrain from social functions.
  11. Any person experiencing symptoms such as coughing, or fever should avoid big crowds.

Dubai Residents are allowed to organise & attend parties & gatherings as long as they comply with the government’s health and safety guidelines

Although, do bear in mind that inspections will continously be carried out to ensure rules are being complied with.

Social gatherings hosts found flouting the above guidlines will face a penalty of AED 50,000, and each attendee will be fined AED15,000.

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UAE authorities are reminding all visitors and residents in the country to wear their face mask when in public at ALL TIMES.

Those who fail to comply with the country’s strict COVID-19 regulations will be subject to face a penalty of AED3,000.

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