Dubai Police Are Patrolling Streets Encouraging You To Stay In Your Home


Dubai Police were filmed patrolling streets this week.

On Monday morning, Government news agency reported The Ministry of Interior has called on members of the public to stay home, ‘except in cases of absolute necessity’.

Necessary needs including going to get essential supplies such as food, medicine or going to work.

The report added that UAE has a law on communicable diseases, which includes fines and jail terms, will be enforced against all violators.

Following that, on Monday evening, Dubai Police cars were spotted on the streets of Dubai kindly enforcing the law, in an important step to safeguard public health against COVID-19.

Dubai Police patrolling the streets of Dubai encouraging you to stay in your home

Sharjah Police are also taking part in a similar effort, and urge all residents not to mix in public places

Take note: Maximum 3 people per car and only essential visits to the hospital

If you’re using a family car, only do so with a max of three individuals per vehicle. You’re asked NOT to visit public places and maintain social distancing protocols during family gatherings as part of the precautionary measures.

The Ministry also called on the general public not to visit hospitals except for critical and emergency cases and to use face masks for public health safety.

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